Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate in the 40 Over 40 Experience?

The participation fee is £295. The fee not only holds your date and allows us to book the hair and makeup artist for your shoot, but it also covers the wardrobe consultation, preparation guides, photoshoot, complimentary fine art mounted print of your choice and the opportunity to purchase more, inclusion the 40 Over 40 Portrait Exhibition and on-on-one 60 min empowerment coaching following your photoshoot.

What does the £295 include?

  • WARDROBE CONSULTATION – to discuss your vision for how you want to be photographed and coach you on what to wear/ styling. I have a small collection of outfits you are welcome to use too.
  • PROFESSIONAL HAIR & MAKEUP – A professional makeover on your photoshoot date with my top makeup artist
  • GUIDED PHOTOSHOOT – a 2-hour photoshoot with Renata. Full posing guidance will be given.
  • BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS FROM YOUR MAKEOVER – shared with you within 24 hours from your photoshoot (£100 value)
  • REVEAL & ORDERING – an in-person appointment to look at the images I have created for you – this is normally held immediately after your photoshoot. You will choose your COMPLIMENTARY PHOTOGRAPH (£250 VALUE) and have the opportunity to purchase more. A la carte portraits are £250 and my collections of five or more start at £900. The more photographs you purchase, the more you save. You can purchase individual a la carte photographs or my collections which deliver your photographs as fine art mounted prints and corresponding digital files as well as a luxury folio box for storing and displaying your images.
  • 60-MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE EMPOWERMENT COACHING SESSION within 30 days from your photoshoot (£150 value).
  • FEATURE IN MY 40 OVER 40 MAGAZINE showcasing the portraits and stories of all 40 women.
  • PORTRAIT CELEBRATION + EXHIBITION – upon completion of the project there will be a celebration and exhibition to showcase the portraits of all 40 women. Your photograph will be included in this event.
  • FEATURE ON OUR BLOG + SOCIAL MEDIA – your images and story will be featured on our social media, blog and possibly youtube.

How much do the images cost?

Photographs (including the digital and 6×8 fine art print on a 10×8 mat) are £250 each, but save money by purchasing collections. The more you buy, the cost per image goes down. My packages with five images start at £900 and go up from there. I accept all major cards, and PayPal Credit if you wish to split the payment into 3 or 4 interest-free instalments.  You can purchase individual a la carte photographs or my collections which contain your photographs as fine art mounted prints and corresponding digital files as well as a luxury folio box for storing and displaying your images.

  • TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS FOR SALE – I offer beautiful products to store and display your new photographs, including matted prints, folio boxes and wall art. My most popular item is a glass-front eco-leather box, handcrafted in Italy, which sits on your mantel or bookshelf to show off your new matted prints. It’s like a living frame, where you may swap out the photo in the front at any time. You can see examples of these products in my studio. More about my printed art HERE.

Where does the shoot take place?

My portrait studio is located at 16 Stafford Avenue WR40TA Worcester.

How many people will be present at the shoot?

Only I and the makeup artist will be with you on the day. My makeup artist normally stays for the styling and sometimes for the beginning of the shoot if I need assistance with fabric draping/throwing but other than that it will be you and me for the actual photo taking. Both makeup artists who work for me are women so it’s an all-female staff.

What days do you have available for this shoot?

We have time slots available for shoots during weekday mornings by appointment. The appointment duration is 5 – 6 hours including image reveal and selection. Availability is first come first served. On your phone chat I will share the next available dates and make sure to find an opening that works for you. If you are SUPER EXCITED to participate but just can’t possibly make those times work let’s chat about your availability. I want to be as inclusive as possible for this project but I am working around my hair & makeup artist’s schedule too. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Tell me more about the portrait exhibition and the magazine launch

One of the most exciting parts of this project is to celebrate all 40 of our participants and share your images and stories with the community. There will also be a final celebration featuring all 40 women’s portraits on display once this project is complete and the 40 Over 40 magazine will be officially launched. Our venue will be announced as we get closer.

I’m not photogenic though. Is that OK?

Whoa, stop right there beauty! I simply don’t believe in “photogenic.” It’s my job as the photographer to make you look and feel amazing! And lucky for you I am a trained master at making women of all ages, shapes and sizes look amazing in photographs.

What will I wear?

You can wear up to 4 different outfits in your photoshoot. We have a small collection of outfits for you to use and I often order items as needed for a specific shoot. If you want, you can be casual in jeans and a black or white shirt. You can wear a sun dress. You can wear a fancy cocktail dress or jumpsuit. You can wear yoga clothes. You could even wear lingerie or your birthday suit. There are no rules and my main focus is on your essence as a person and woman rather than showcasing outfits or makeup. What you wear is up to you! I want to photograph you based on YOUR UNIQUE VISION.

How are you choosing who participates?

We aren’t “choosing” anyone. Every woman’s story is inspiring. Every woman is beautiful. So we aren’t going to exclude anyone who wants to be involved. Basically, this project is first come, first served. If you are willing to connect with Renata for a “get to know you” call, pay your £295 participation fee, book your date, are over 40 (or turning 40 this year) you can be a part of the shoot! YAY! The other limit is that we only have 40 spots available. Once we hit 40 women, we will create a waitlist of interested women.

This is amazing, I’m ready to book my date. What’s next?

Either schedule a phone chat >> HERE Or call or text Renata directly here >> 07508607066 Or Email us here >> . Or just click the button below to pay your session fee, and we will be in touch to choose a date.

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